1st Class Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing Revision Notes

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These notes contain absolutely everything you need to know to ace your Criminal Litigation module.

The notes contain thorough, comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on all areas including:

  1. Powers of Arrest and Rights of Suspects
  2. Remands and Bail
  3. Burden and Standard of Proof
  4. Mode of Trial
  5. Summary Trial
  6. Orality and Witnesses
  7. Examination in Chief
  8. Cross Examination
  9. Sentencing
  10. Appeals from Magistrates
  11. Corroboration and Identification
  12. Juveniles
  13. Taking Cases to the Crown Court
  14. Indictments
  15. Pre Jury Trial Issues
  16. Trial by Jury
  17. Opinion Evidence
  18. Right to a Fair Trial
  19. Hearsay
  20. Confessions
  21. Privilege Against Self Incrimination/Right to Silence
  22. Bad Character
  23. Appeals to the Court of Appeal