1st Class Criminal Law Revision Notes

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The notes contain absolutely everything you need to know to achieve a 1st Class mark in your Criminal Law exam.

The topics included are:

1. Structure of a Criminal Offence

2. The Actus Reus of Homicide

3. The Mens Rea of Murder

4. Voluntary Manslaughter

5. Involuntary Manslaughter (Negligence, Recklessness and Gross Negligence Manslaughter)

6. Constructive Manslaughter

7. Offences Against the Person (Assault, Battery, ABH, GBH, etc)

8. Sexual Offences

9. Theft

10. Criminal Capacity (Intoxication, Automatism, Insanity)

11. Criminal Defences (Self Defence, Duress, Necessity)

12. Secondary Participation in a Criminal Offence

13. Attempt and Conspiracy