About Us


Throughout my degree I ensured a consistent approach to work. As a result, I compiled my own study notes on entire modules that I could learn off when it came to exams. Although the notes took a long time to compile and an even longer time to learn off by heart it was all worth it in the end, earning me a 1st Class degree and a prize for coming top of my year. This is what led to me founding '1st Class Law Notes', offering law students the most comprehensive and coherent module notes that have been written by students and are tailored for exam preparation.


Thousands of law students across the country (and even abroad) have purchased these notes. The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many students accrediting their strong exam results to the notes alone!


It is important to mention that I do not advise students to merely attempt to learn off these notes and regurgitate them onto an exam paper. Part of the entire process is your own independent study and research. The notes will certainly be an extremely useful tool throughout your studies but it is important to not become overly dependent on them. Equally, it is important to bear in mind that these notes are not updated on a regular basis and the law is susceptible to change and so you should ensure that you top up the notes in line with this, by undertaking your own independent study.


I hope you find these notes helpful and that they bring you just as much success as they have brought me!