1st Class Civil Litigation and Evidence Revision Notes

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These notes contain absolutely everything you need to know to gain a 1st in your Civil Litigation module.



The notes contain thorough, comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on all areas including:
  1. Pre-Action Protocols
  2. Service of Documents
  3. Starting Proceedings via Claim Form
  4. Part 8 Claims
  5. Case Management Powers
  6. Judicial Remedies
  7. Joinder of Claims
  8. Funding of Litigation
  9. Cost Orders
  10. Default and Summary Judgment
  11. Limitation
  12. Amendments of Statements of Case
  13. Part 18 Requests for Further Information
  14. Interim Applications and Remedies
  15. Rules of Evidence
  16. Disclosure and Inspection of Documents
  17. Hearsay
  18. Quantum of Damages for Personal Injury
  19. Judgments and Orders
  20. Part 36 Offers to Settle
  21. Appeals
  22. Enforcement
  23. Security for Costs
  24. Judicial Review